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Thread: f800gt for tall person

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    f800gt for tall person

    I've been thinking about getting an F800GT but would like to know if anyone over six feet is riding one of these and whether they feel cramped, crowded or uncomfortable on it.

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    What do you ride now?
    I had a loaner for about 700 miles and it did not feel cramped. I'm 6' with 34" inseam.
    The bike felt small but I think I got that feeling because it didn't weigh much.

    Use this site to compare the GT to bikes you own and had in the past.
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    Of course it all depends on you, doesn't it? The types of bikes you're familiar with AND the type of riding you're seeking. I've 'toured' on F650GS (Ireland), F800GS (Slovenia + US), and R1200GS (Italy + Corsica), among others. I'm 6' w/32" inseam. I felt my legs were cramped even on the taller 800GS, especially on those 500 mile days headed to the MOA Rally in Salem, OR from the DMV! Personally, I would say the GT is Not well-suited to a taller rider, Especially one who might intend to actually go Touring on it.

    That's my 2 cents - - worth every penny!
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