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Thread: Did the plugs get longer?

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    Did the plugs get longer?

    2010 RT. Hey ladies and gentlemen. Just finished changing the plugs myself for the first time and noticed something strange. Shouting out to the more experienced of the bunch.
    All four plugs went in fine without cross threading and tightened to 12 Nm. Old plugs came out with cruch/flange washers. Same exact plugs used in replacement. Top plugs took the coil to flush. Bottom plugs showed a little white ceramic above the coil. I pushed pretty hard and no change. Covers went over the top coils fine but not the bottom. On both sides I couldn't get the slotted cover with three screws to mate all the way up to the holes. The coil was sitting low and no amount of pressure would get cover up high enough. No wires were trapped, all wire guides were in place. This suggested again that the bottom coils weren't all the way in but reseating them gave the same result.
    So I dremelled the two pairs of curved coil supports on the inside of the coil covers down about 2mm and wrapped it up. Started like always and will test ride this afternoon.
    What am I missing? How will I know if the bike's only firing one plug per cylinder?
    Thanks for your thoughts,

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    Welcome, Mark! I hope some of the other members that have done this before will stop by shortly.

    I was wondering...what model year is the bike? And what is the plug type and model? I'm not that familiar with the R1200RT...are the top and bottom plugs the same size? Could the plug types have been swapped top to bottom?
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    On his bike, all 4 plugs are the same.

    Wed rather hear replaced with specified plug rather than replaced with same plug taken out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lkchris View Post
    Wed rather hear replaced with specified plug rather than replaced with same plug taken out.
    Good point. Never assume the previous owner used the correct part.
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    New plugs were on spec per BMW Boneyard. Can't remember NKG model but it was on spec and replaced same. That's the source of the confusion. Just didn't seem same size vv the coil connector on the lower plug.

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    I just recently changed plugs in my 2013 RT and spec is NGK MAR 88B -JDS

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    Exactly the same plugs and exactly the same appearance top vs bottom.

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