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Thread: Help confirming clutch diagnosis on an 03 1150GS with 14k

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    Help confirming clutch diagnosis on an 03 1150GS with 14k

    So I picked up a real clean 2003 R1150GS Sport back in May with 7500 miles and it now has 14K on the clock. A few days ago I noticed the clutch lever felt a little spungy and it was engaging at the end of the throw so I checked the fluid resevoir and it was almost empty, the fluid that was there was murky. So I added fluid and sucked it back out a few times to flush the resevoir and after topping it off it felt a little better. Yesterday I noticed the RPMs went up disproportionate to the speed when I cracked the throttle at about 50mph in 5th gear, which indicated slippage. After that I have noticed clutch chatter when taking off and it is engaging at the very end of the release of my lever. I dont want to believe that the clutch could be shot at 14k, is it possible that the slave leaked some fluid into the housing, hence the low fluid level and after I filled it up it got worse? Any insight from you oilhead veterans out there would be greatly appreciated. I have 30 years of experience wrenching on BMW cars but this is my first BMW with only 2 wheels.

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    Soft lever, low reservoir, and murky colored DOT4 are signs of a failed slave cylinder. Does sound like clutch plate has been contaminated as well and most likely not remedied by just replacing the slave.

    Sad the low mileage bike has had a failure, but age takes the low mileage factor away.
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    I purchased a 2006 Harley V-Rod last year with 6000 miles on it. After changing out to a slipper clutch I had the same symptoms as you. Turns out all the fluids were vintage 2006! A clean, flush and replenish of the clutch and brake fluids solved the issue. Good luck.
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