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Thread: Day-Long seat in OKC? R1150RT

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    Day-Long seat in OKC? R1150RT

    So does anyone in the OKC area (or in OK) have the Day-Long Seat installed that wouldn't mind my coming over to sit on it? That's a big outlay of cash for a sight-unseen item. I appreciate your help!

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    I am not in the area, but don't let not being able to try the seat out first, keep you from getting an absolutely awesome seat. They do have a satisfaction guarantee also. Look under the warranty section of the web site.

    I have a R1100RT and had my seat rebuilt last year. I received the seat about two weeks before I went on a ride to Canada (from Mississippi). The first leg of the journey was a 1,600 mile stretch completed in around 26 hours non-stop. My but never got tired or ached. In fact the only thing that began to ache was my elbows just north of NYC. I has kept them too still during the wee hours of the morning.

    But again, I don't have anything but praises for the Day-Long seat.

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