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Thread: 03 r1150rt (tires)

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    03 r1150rt (tires)

    Disappointed in Michelin Road Pilot 3 (front) & Michelin Compound Tech 2 (rear). Only put around 2,000. mi. (+/-) and they are ready to be replaced..?!!
    Any other RT riders find a GOOD or GREAT tire with longer wear life???
    Thanks for any feedback!
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    Other than you have an 1160RT, there is something else odd about your post.

    I will grant that the PR series of tires don't have fantastic life but it isn't as bad as you described unless all those miles were at track speeds on +30C days. Then you got your money out of them.

    I might be inclined to look at the bike as whole, shocks being week/reactive, suspension/steering loose, rider's weight with gear and such.

    I am just a chocolate bar short of being 220 lbs and I have known to have a certain impatience while riding and I do believe that the US has intentionally miscalculated the metric/imperial conversion and there fore, I should be forgiven every speeding ticket I get in the US, when you do let me in.

    I get 8,000 miles easy and this set at 10,000 miles is now ready to be replaced.
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    I have gotten 10-12k out of a set of PR3's for the past 5 sets of tires.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dieselyoda View Post
    Other than you have an 1160RT, there is something else odd about your post.
    I edited the model in the title to help with future searches.
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    I too have gotten 10k+ miles on PR3 and 4s.
    I have an 02 1150RT.
    This is commuting to work as well as trips.
    As mentioned you should check the bike itself unless there is a defect in the tires.
    If you have stock shocks you should consider replacing them.

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