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Thread: Help wiring Autocom Part 67

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    Help wiring Autocom Part 67

    It is Saturday night and I have all the plastic off my R1200RT to install an Autocom system. Already installed speakers and microphones in helmets and tested them. I purchased Part 67 to switch between my factory installed speakers and the Autocom headsets. Part 67 instructions list wire colors as blue, red and screen. The part has red, white and black. The black wire is actually an uninsulated stranded copper wire that is wrapped around the red and white wires and a piece of black heat shrink tubing was applied to insulate the wire when the outer insulation is removed from the cable. My guess is that this is what they call screen. I wanted to finish this job tomorrow but there aren't any dealers open in this part of the world on Sunday. Anyone out there run into this problem and can you clue me in on the color code confusion?

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    Attach the white wire inline to the negative speaker wire. The positive side speaker wire is then cut, and the Black goes to the radio side of the wire, and Red goes to the speaker side of the wire.

    Here's a link to autocom's website on the issue. Directions are for a LT, so the speaker wire colors are different.


    Right speaker is Blue/Red for positive and Blue for negative.

    Left speaker is Yellow/Red for positive and Yellow/Brown for negative

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