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Thread: 1996 R1100R Spark plugs

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    1996 R1100R Spark plugs

    These are the old ones. I've installed the Bosch, one the manual say should be used.
    Any idea what issues I need to look at?
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    I haven't seen those style/brand plugs for a while, (mine were Bosch). I believe I have a set just like it sitting in my parts box. I tried them, as with you, I was following the manual's recommendation. But I then switched to the Autolite plugs that everyone here said worked better. And they seem to. Sorry I can't remember the plug number but someone will add that to this thread. It's the surging that the Autolites do better with. I'm sure the Bosch ignite the fuel just fine.

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    I've disliked Bosch plugs for a looooong time.... NGK and Autolite always seemed to help the bike run better...

    Considering the overall lighting of the photo, yours don't look too bad; if you stick with NGKs, maybe one range hotter? But do an all-around overall tuneup first (valves, throttle body sync, air filter).

    Autolites for the 1100 is AP3923; available at any auto parts store (or they'll have 'em for you in 2 days) and they're a bunch cheaper than Bosch. Gap is 0.031"; Always check before installing them, and if they need to be reset, be VERY careful that you don't chip or otherwise damage the center electrode in the process.

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    Don't get caught in the BMW loop that because it's BMW it must be different.

    Google "Spark Plug Analysis" and draw your own conclusions.
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    Your old spark plugs look fine to me. I actually put NGK in just about all of my engines, be it car, boat, lawn mower, etc. However, I switched to Autolite for my 97 RT, about 30k miles ago and never looked back. Starts and runs smooth as ever.

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