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Thread: heated seats not working

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    heated seats not working

    I've got a 16 r1200rt. And I noticed that my heated seats are no longer working. The indicator shows up on the dash but no heat from the seats. I plugged it into the gs-911 and it said that there's a circuit open on the seat. Was wondering if anybody else had this issue. Its still under warranty till the end of the year but i'd like to save myself a trip if I could.Thanks

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    Open circuit means broken wire. Unless you want to dig it out of the seat I'd just let the dealer deal with it.
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    I know I'm probably stating the obvious here, but have you checked the plugs are indeed connected to the seats? I know myself that I've taken the seats off and forgotten to reconnect the cables.
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    Also, can you verify that 12 volts is actually reaching the bike side of the plug, and do a continuity check on the seat side of the plug (should be a couple of ohms, I don't know the actual value).

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    Thanks for all the replies. Iíll spend a couple of hours and see if I canít find a loose wire or a bad connection before I take it in.

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