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Thread: GS noise

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    GS noise

    Have seen several comments regarding "noise" from these F/GS's when, particularly at lower speeds, running on irregular surface roads. It doesn't take much speed or uneven road surface to get some type of "something must be loose" noise from my 750. My chain is properly adjusted, clean and oiled.
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    For sure try going for a ride with cases removedóthey make noise on every bike Iíve owned except my latest one. I had no extraneous noise issues with the F800GS I rented in the Balkans, and it was equipped with only a Givi topcase. Hope you get the noise pinned down, those odd sounds can be irritating at times.

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    I always had good luck with a rubber mallet banging on the tires and frame of cars and bikes looking for rattles. I think that's why they used to kick the tires to listen for rattles. Good luck.
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    I have the same issue with my 750, with less than 1000 miles on it. My first thought was the center stand or the side stand, but I donít think thatís it. Itís the same with or without the cases on. Iím going to try the rubber mallet idea but other than that Iím stumped on trying to diagnose this.

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