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Thread: F850GSA - After market wind screen

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    F850GSA - After market wind screen

    I am 6' 4" riding a rally seat on my F850GSA. With the stock tall windscreen I quickly get a face mask covered with dead bugs. The wind stream coming of the top hits right a eye level. I have been looking at all the after market screen vendors and up until now I have not found anything that was a direct replacement for the factory screen that was tall enough to direct the wind stream over my helmet. Today I got a replacement screen from Wunderlich America that appears to have resolved my bug problem.

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    I have a bit over 500 miles on this new wind screen. Bug problem is 99% reduced and for my size and riding position, this screen puts me in a nice bubble of still air. So far very happy with this modification.

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    Wunderlich screen compaired to OEM


    As you can see the replacement screen is both taller and wider

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