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    R1100RS Cover

    The OEM cover for my R1100RSL was stolen recently. Any recommendations on a replacement? I take long trips and it ends up parked out in the weather. It needs to be weather resistant and pack down to a reasonable size.



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    I've been using a nylon half-cover on my R1100RS for many years. This cover packs up pretty small and the nylon dries pretty quickly (compared to heavier covers). Most of the heavy rain is kept off the upper part of the bike and the half-cover is pretty effective at dissuading folks from messing with the bike.

    There are a number of on-line vendors. I've found Iron Pony sometimes to have pretty good prices. Following are some links to them and Amazon -

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    E-z touring, either the wanderer or traveller models. Made in the USA.
    Check them out.

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    Got the Ez-Touring Wander. Looks like a good choice, fits well and packs down small.

    Thank you for the recommendations.

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