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Thread: Throttle body sync tool

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    Throttle body sync tool

    Anyone has a recommendation for good throttle body sync tool for the R1100? Not looking for anything pro just something I can quick sync the throttles with. I looked around on the net but no luck so far. Thank you!
    1994 BMW R1100RS (ABS)

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    Go into the do it yourself section and look under throttlebody sink or years and in that section will be a link to a Twin Max

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    Here is a link to a video showing how to sync oilhead throttle bodies using a homemade manometer.

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    This Chris Harris video illustrates use of the TwinMax and CarbTune for oilhead throttle body sync -

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    The Harmonizer is another throttle body sync tool that is easy to use. Alas, the feller making and selling these devices has died and they are not available except as used.

    Following is a video showing the use of the Harmonizer -

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    Another digital throttle body sync tool is the Digi Sync. Following are links to feedback from ADV, ordering info, and a usage video -

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    Finally, if you want to build your own digital throttle body sync tool, instructions are given in the links below -

    Following is an alternate DIY digital carb (or throttle body) sync tool -
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    Thank you for all the feed backs, currently have little time to build my own so prefer to buy one but will do the sync myself - always done it on my 600 cc 4 carb Yamaha. Thanks all again for all the info and demo videos!

    Just wanted to get it done ASAP as the bike is starting to run a bit rough after all the recent trips we did ... can't believe already well passed 1000 miles since purchase!
    1994 BMW R1100RS (ABS)

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