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Thread: R1150RT Question

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    R1150RT Question

    Hello All
    Just had a question is a R1150RT more comfortable than a K1200rs. I am looking for a bigger more comfortable bike but dont think I can handle a LT.
    I was just curious some people can give some insight on the different models. Thanks for the help.

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    Thumbs up Very Comfy

    115k smiles on "Inga" my RT.....Sargent gel seat, throttlemeister,motolights,Stebel horn, Kisan mod.No intention of trading or selling....
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    It depends a whole lot on two things - what fits you, and what kind of riding you do.

    An RS (of any type) will be more nimble, and more fun in many circumstances, but an RT is a much more "universal" ride, with better weather protection if you tour.
    Part of the equation may be, what engine do you feel more capable of servicing yourself (or trusting and paying a shop to service).
    While I own an '04 RT (and love it, except sometimes for the weight & tupperware), I have some long-distance experience on several K-bikes, including K12RS's of various years, and they have all fit me well also, zero discomfort. (But my K100LT was overweight and a bear to handle in mud and sand...)

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    Spent 10 years and thousands of miles on an '02 K1200RS. Traveled through most of the western U.S. Most of my milage was highway, with some around town. Had a wonderful time on this brick, but ended up selling it and buying an '04 R1150RT. No regrets selling the RS and moving to the RT.

    Loved riding the K1200RS and miss it, but I really like the R1150RT. With my age, it is more comfortable to ride and gets much better gas milage (of course my use of the throttle had a major influence there). And much easier to do oil changes, etc. Really only thing I really miss on the R1150RT is the K1200RS's cruise control.

    Would have loved to have kept the K1200RS, but I only have space for one bike in my garage and the (newer and lower milage) R1150RT won out.
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    If it was me, I would skip over the 1150 series and go to the 1200 bikes. The 1200s are getting to be very reasonably priced at this point. You get a little more power, (not a big issue) but a lighter bike, as far as I know. The 1100s were good, fairly simple bikes, the 1200s, just a better machine all around. The 1150s seem to have a few problems. More transmission spline failures, power brakes that were complicated and no one seems to like very much. I like the theory of the k1200/K1300 bikes, and they are great machines, but I just wouldn't want to have to work on them, which I would if I owned one. I do actually have a K75 and I think the K75 series are very nice bikes in all respects. You might want to look at getting one of those. The K1200 LT bikes are just huge, and are now just about impossible to get rid of. But, the RT ( of any year) gets my vote for being useful and comfortable. Nearly a perfect all around bike. Good luck!

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    RT comfort

    I ride my '04 RT 120 miles/day to work and back and it fits like an old glove. In the past, I've ridden it out west, down south, etc. Last big trip was to Nevada (from MI) in '08, where we rode over 5k miles in a little over two weeks.

    I recall on our ride back, where we did two days, back to back over 850 miles each and the comfort was amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jconway607 View Post
    If it was me, I would skip over the 1150 series and go to the 1200 bikes.!
    This is very subjective. I started my riding on a used 2002 1150RT. Sold it and bought a 2009 1200RT. Eventually sold that bike and bought my old 1150RT back after two years. Then I decided to try a CamHead. Sold the 1150RT again and went with a 2012 1200RT. Well, now I'm back on a 2004 1150RT. I miss the cruise control of the 12RT, but I like the simplicity, styling, comfort, and ease of servicing the 1150RT. For some reason, the 1150RT seems more planted on the road above 70 mph than the 1200. I'm over 70 years old and all bikes are getting too heavy for me, but the long distance comfort of an RT is just hard to beat. Remember Ardis Kellerman ( ? spelling ) who always broke the MOA long distance records on her RT well into her 70's. She's my inspiration.

    BTW, there is a fun little YouTube video comparison of the 1150 and 1200 RT's if you haven't already seen it:

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    Thumbs up Nice Thread

    Nice to hear the thoughts on the "old" Oilhead RT......I failed to mention "Inga" also has complete Wilbers system. I'm always surprised at the drooling & compliments "Inga" gets at gatherings, rallies, etc !
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