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Thread: Overheat scare

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    Overheat scare

    Riding home from work on my 2008 R1200RT(with 74,000 miles) I got stuck in bad traffic. The temps were in the 90's and quite quickly the temp gauge started to climb. Just as the red light of death started to flash I did some hairy lane splitting and barged my way on to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge where I was able to bring the temp back to normal. My question: is there any way to control the temps in those conditions. Is there any after market Fan or something else to help this problem? Before someone suggests this, there was no place to pull over and let the bike cool down. The bike does not appear to have suffered any ill effects but it rattled me pretty badly. Any help or suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks.

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    I have read that you can install the auxiliary fan used on the police version RTP if this is something you expect to happen often.

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    First of all, every time you nervously blip the throttle, you burn more fuel and create more heat. Let it just idle.

    I recall reading in very early service literature for Oilheads, one should limit idling to 30 minutes.

    Actually truly first of all, if youíre concerned about heat use full synthetic motor oil.

    Clearly if itís obvious youíll sit for a bit, shut it off.
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