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Thread: Heli bar risers and Russell day long seats

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    Heli bar risers and Russell day long seats

    Just purchased new 2019 R1250RT and looking for info. On heli bar risers and Russell day long seats.Are there better options.Any info. would be appreciated. TimGun

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    Welcome to the forum!
    There is a pretty complete thread in the Wethead forum-

    A good place to start.

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    Welcome to the forum timgun and congrats on your new R1250RT! I put Illumworks risers on my 2018 R1200RT; quality product with great customer service. I still have the stock Option 719 seat on my RT and find it comfortable even on multi day tours. Enjoy your new RT and give us a review after you put some miles on it.

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    Welcome to the forum. I bought my 1250 RT in January and have added bar backs (risers) and engine/side case guards from

    I still have the stock seat so I cannot add anything about RDL saddle. For long rides, I just use the Alaska Leathers sheep skin covers. I did visit Sargent Seat booth at the National rally in June and will consider them in the future. I can still flat foot with the seat in the low setting and have read that the RDL seats get a little wider, which will not work for me. (5'8" with 30" inseam.)

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