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Thread: What has happened to our/my Club ? (On my iPhone)

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    What has happened to our/my Club ? (On my iPhone)

    Iím sending this from an iPad because I canít seem to find The MOA from my iPhone as I have in the past YEARS.

    Itís not only that I canít find the forum, homepage or marketplace, (ďITĒ) seems to have found me with my zip code displayed at the bottom of the results page. And it found plenty of ads and NO CLUB.

    I have better things to do than to look for something that I know exactly where I used/put/saw it last !

    My DUES should protect me from forced advertising.

    Whatís going on ?

    Is it me again ?


    p.s. I would have sent 3 photos of the Search Results Page but, as is oft the case, the photos will not

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    Charlie -

    I'm sure there's something on your end. The fact that you can get to the forum with your iPad indicates the forum can still be accessed by you. Other people access the forum with their phones. Maybe a recent update on the phone could be the issue. Maybe a hard turn off-on would help. Obviously pictures would help. I was unaware of your inability to upload pictures. Again, there's no restrictions along those lines. It's a matter of using the right technique and ensuring that the images are of reduced resolution...big files can't be uploaded.
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    Go to safari in your iPhone and delete your history.
    Then log in.
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    Problem solved itself.
    Who knew ?
    ďItĒ must have heard me.

    The ďNetsĒ are too complicated for me.

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    ďNever MindĒ


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