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Thread: Three BMWs with sidecars on CL

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    Three BMWs with sidecars on CL

    If I had a trailer with me (we're on vacation) I would have at least looked at the K100. New to Beemers so don't know what's up with the front forks on that one.
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    Not sure how "good", of a deal the three are without seeing an asking price. There's a lot of work to do and money to spend before any of them are road worthy. Regarding the front end on the K, it's a leading link added because of the sidecar, which helps with the steering. Look at the earlier BMW's (/2's), that came from the factory with sidecar mounts and leading link (called an earls fork). The ones on the K are made by Unit Forks, earlier owned by Hedingham in the UK. They are no longer made and sought after for sidecars. Hacks are good fun but if you're heading down the path to get into one, solicit some input from folks before dropping a nickle. There are things to look for and to look out for. Have a good summer and vacation.
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