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Thread: 2001 K1200rs License Plate Bulb Holder Help

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    2001 K1200rs License Plate Bulb Holder Help

    Hello All
    The problem I have is that the license plate bulb holder on my 2001 k1200rs has broken. The ends that hold the bulb in place broke the other day and it has two little spade plugs that connect to it. Instead of replacing the whole fixture assembly has anyone made something work. Not trying to be cheap just would like a better bulb setup than what was designed for it is all. I found a couple festoon holders online as well but didn't know if anyone went down this road. Just reaching out for a little advice thanks for the help.

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    Can you post a few pictures so we can see what you're working with??
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    I'm sure you already checked the dealer for the original part.
    63 26 2 305 659 REGISTRATION PLATE LIGHT $37.59 Appears to include new bulb.

    You can use that price to judge whether it is worth your time to research/make something different.

    Let us know what you find.


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