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Thread: '94 K1100RS ABS vs Non- ABS parts

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    '94 K1100RS ABS vs Non- ABS parts

    I am wondering if someone can help me with crossover parts. I have a 1994 K1100rs with 2nd generation ABS unit. Long story short, the ABS does not work and after many futile attempts, I reluctantly did away with the ABS system. Well my question is this. I am in need of front brake calipers and so I am wondering if I bought a set of used calipers non-ABS, if they would work. They are listed as BMW K75S K75 K75C K75RT Front Brake Calipers Brembo k100 k100rs k100rt k1100lt. My thought is that they should work, but I would like to hear from someone that might have a definite answer.

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    In the future, please include the year and model of the bike in question IN THE TITLE of the thread. I've added it for you this time.

    All K75s and all 2valve K100s had two piston calipers. All 4valve K100RSs and all K1100s had four piston front calipers. So much for believing ebay listing info!

    All four piston K100 and K1100 front calipers, whether they be ABS or not, are the same (except different for right and left.

    If they are four piston calipers off a K100 or K1100, they should work on your bike.

    Four piston calipers from a K1200 will not work.

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