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Thread: Just got my Piedmont Red 2004 BMW R1150RT

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    Just got my Piedmont Red 2004 BMW R1150RT

    Hi everyone, glad to be part of your community.

    Only experience I had was back in 1981 when I bought a Yamaha XS850 Special. Had it only 12 months in Canada so short driving period.

    Was once & a while looking at used motorcycles for sale on the net. At first wanted an K-LT but gave up because of the weight. Then I saw this one. 67,000km super clean owned by a 75 y.o. man.

    At the moment taking motorcycle lessons (you are never knowledgeable enough after 28 years) can't wait to have my mcycle class on my permit again.$_59.JPG

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    Be weary of those 75 year old hot shoes.

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    Welcome to the forum! Enjoy the bike!!
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    You have excellent taste in bikes and their color!

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    That's a great looking bike ! Welcome..
    Ride Well, Mark
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    You seem to have different taste in the seat dept. Though. Lol ! I'm 6'-2" my behind is a bit to close to the tank I would be more comfy if I could move backward's.

    Quote Originally Posted by terham View Post
    You have excellent taste in bikes and their color!

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    thank you everyone.

    Quote Originally Posted by bart802 View Post
    That's a great looking bike ! Welcome..

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    An R1150RT (not as well cared for, tons of scrapes in the plastics) was my first BMW and I sold it a year later for the same as I bought it. Ran great and no troubles from it.

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