First and foremost, glad to hear you walked away. Concussions heal. Other types of injuries....

One has to keep alert at all times. Earlier this year I was coming up to a stop light with a vehicle in front of me and what I thought was a vehicle behind that was going to stop. I make a habit of checking my rear view mirrors every time I slow to stop. This older Ford Explorer behind me did not seem to be slowing down enough. When I looked closer, I saw the woman’s head pointed down (at her cell phone I assumed) with no idea what was in front of her.

I managed to scoot around the stopped car in front of me and got into the turning lane, just in time to hear tires squeal and the infamous “Crunch” of two cars colliding. If I had not been paying attention, I would have been the filling in that sandwich. Coolant and parts all over the road. When she hit, probably only doing 15-20 mph, but looked a lot worse from the damage.

When the police came, I shared my observations with them along with what I assumed was the cell phone distraction. Sad part is that the woman turned to me and asked me what I was doing there. She not only was distracted at the time of the crash, she was completely ignorant of her surroundings and others on the road.

It could have been a lot worse and I thank God that someone was watching out for me that day.