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    Wheel swap

    Anyone know if g650gs cast wheels will fit on a F650gs single.
    Further, will f650, 700, 800 cast wheels fit on a F650gs single.
    I'd like to do a cast wheel swap onto a f650gs for road riding, I would like the ability to use tubless tires.

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    I don't know about "fit" but the part number for the '11 cast front wheel is 36317728605. RealOEM shows that that only was used on the '10-15 G650GS.
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    Part numbers are diffrent even for the 2009-10 G650gs bikes even for the spoked wheel application.
    They look sooo close, I'm just wondering if the swap can be made "Plug & Play", and if anyone has attempted the modification. Courious what they may have found, did it work or was it way too much of a problem to be worth the time, effort and money.

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    You may want to give Woody's Wheel Works a call... he'd know in a heartbeat
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    I did a swap from wire to cast on a 2016. Perfect fit. So with that mind, look at an online parts fiche and start comparing WIRE wheel parts. I think you'll find the wheel hubs, axels and spacers on the G series ('11-'16) are the same as those on the '05-'07 machines. The new bikes have wider tires. The front rim has remained the same as the earlier bikes but the rear rim has been increased to 3.5" (was 3.0). There is more than sufficient clearance on the F series bikes for the larger tire. I recall seeing a post at some years ago where somebody had made the wire to cast swap (G to F) and they bolted right up with no issues. Unfortunately I can't find it now. Do your own research, I'm betting it'll work.
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