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Thread: canisterectomy How?

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    Quote Originally Posted by treeguy View Post
    Picked up an Ď02 R1150R with good documentation, newest bike Iíve owned. Having heard nothing good about the cannister and seeing it was beginning to rust anyways, I decided it had to go. After watching Chris Harris do it on YouTube, I had no problems doing this! I was very surprised at what came out of the output tube, before it made it to the vacuum pump - convinced me that this was the right call!Attachment 76532
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    I did to my R850R Easy and I'm glad I did even saved a couple pounds. I recommend it

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    Good work!

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    Glad I am not the only klutz here.
    I dropped it twice once.
    On the crown of a road trying to find the rally.
    Put my foot down and the crown was so steep down I went.
    Didn't know that was why, it was very dark.
    Picked up with help and dropped it again, then I realized what was happening.

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