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    Howdy From OKC

    Hi, everyone - Ron here, from the north part of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Just bought a 2004 R1150RT, and I've already leaned on your wisdom multiple times. In the week I've ridden it, the RT has proven to be my favorite of the couple dozen or so that I've ever owned or ridden. It's so comfy! And that's saying something since I'm 6'3" and all legs... Adjustable seat for the win!

    Found her with 27,000 miles, in great shape, and having had regular service. Not sure the undercarriage ever got washed, tho, as it had brake dust and road grime embedded in the clear coat... I had to use naphtha and a green scouring pad to literally sand it out. Luckily that was only on the lowest bits, and I had some automotive clear coat lying around.

    Right now she's sitting on the lift, in pieces, waiting for the last few maintenance parts to arrive. I've done the ABS service, clutch bleed, oil/filter change, fuel filter change, washed her, hit all painted surfaces with the clay bar and a coat of wax. New brake pads, grips, USB charging ports, mirror keepers, and RAM mount arrive soon. Then once reassembled I'll change the tranny and final drive oil.

    Other than that, it's time to ride some more! Let me know if I've missed anything in the preventive maintenance category.

    Cheers, and keep the shiny side up!

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    Hey Ron, welcome to the forum from a little north of you.
    On the coast of Kansas
    2012 F800ST

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