Just wondering if anyone from central NC might be going to the rally. I'm planning to leave Durham on Sunday 7/16 and make it a 3 day trip. What I have planned so far is to make it to Binghamton, NY the first day, a bit aggressive if it rains. Day 2 would take me to White River Junction, VT with 5 covered bridges and Quechee Gorge along the route. Day 3 includes 3 covered bridges, the floating bridge, 2 waterfalls and the cliffs (pallisades) at Fairlee.

Anyway, that's what I have planned if I don't find a group heading north on the 16'th. If this sounds interesting to anyone let me know. Or if you wouldn't mind me hooking up somewhere along your route let me know what you've got in mind. I'd rather ride with a group than solo if possible.