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Thread: Wild Fire!!

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    We have had some grass fires nearby the last few years, never a good sight. A fire fighter in a command truck rolled up to shop one day a few years back and said our road was the perimeter being set up for the fire coming off the highway That ended well for all nearby homes.

    Monday, while in shop, a strong smoke odor took over shop as I had both roll ups open .
    I walked to edge of canyon and looking south toward town were huge clouds on the ridge line. It filled the canyon quickly and I texted H to see if the local womens FB group knew what was going on. ( if it's happening, these ladies know all about it)
    She sent back a page from one of the ranches the day before announcing a prescribed burn and they had things in control...before the burn! The wind has been picking up around noon the last few days and at 15mph with higher gusts, I was a bit worried as we were straight downwind.
    After about an hour of continual heavier smoke, it let up luckily. Assuming the controlled chaos became a bit more controlled. We are under a burn ban and regardless of having a scheduled burn, seems the wind factor was left out of some common sense action plans as there is no way that was anything close to controlled!

    The smell of burnt grass is heavy the last two mornings and the shop has a smokey aroma still.

    A welder lit up another one working on a fence and some roadside ignition(cigarettes suspected) fired off two more that took off. Ready for some Fall rain!
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    Agreed, we could use rain anytime here also. We have been fortunate this summer. Not many fires nearby and clean air for the most part. The thing that gets me about any fire is that we have to put folks in harms way to catch them and put them out. Some stuff happens like lightning or accidents but when it's just foolishness, I just don't have much patience. We've lost too many firefighters in the line of duty.
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