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Thread: Birthplace of waterskiing

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    Birthplace of waterskiing

    We just got back from our trip yesterday to Lake City, MN alongside of Lake Pepin on the Mississippi river. Lake Pepin is actually the Mississippi river where it gets so wide it becomes a lake and Lake City on the lake is the birthplace of water skiing. This was our second trip with our 'new' Beemy ... already planning the next one.

    First pic: bike ready.

    Pics 2-3: after nearly 100 miles non-stop riding on the scenic routes is Lake City, here we stopped for a quick lunch and rest at a DQ.

    Pic 5-6: next destination just off Lake City is a state park overlooking Lake Pepin.

    We had lots of fun on the trip and at the destination sites and looking for our next trip. These BMW bikes are so much fun and so great for long distance tours! The funny thing is just a few years ago the Miss was deathly afraid of motorcycles before I convinced her to get on now she is the one begging me to go on rides.
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    Thanks for sharing your ride!

    Best bike BMW ever made!

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