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Thread: Do the front forks really do anything on a telelever?

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    Do the front forks really do anything on a telelever?

    I've got a K1200Rs with the Telelever front end and one of the front forks is leaking fluid. Is this an urgent repair?
    I know that the suspension is handeled by the shock under the steering head so does this mean that the forks have no role in the suspension of the bike? do the forks to anything more than just hold the front wheel on? If this is the case I may wait another month before doing the repair.

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    As you surmised, all they do is attach the front wheel to the bike. The oil is only for the lubrication of the slider bushings inside. Not real urgent, but get if fixed before the oil gets on the brakes.
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    As manicmechanic stated... do it before oil gets on the brake pads.... because that will be more costly not only for the replacement of the brake pads, but potentially your life.... I would watch it very closely and wipe the excess oil off frequently until you do change the seal. Depending on how many miles are on your bike, this is a warrenty item... When I had my 99R11RT one of the fork seals was leaking... by the book a 3 hour job, but under warrenty coverage with a Master Mechanic it was done i 1 hour and 15 minutes.... Food for thought...
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