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Thread: Coast to coast

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    Do give us trip report upon your return.

    Have a safe and memorable journey!
    Paul F. Ruffell
    Retired and riding my RTs, the '87 K100 & the '98 R1100 !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul_F View Post
    Do give us trip report upon your return.

    Have a safe and memorable journey!
    Yes, please do, they are great to read by some of us who aren't able to be on the road this year! Good idea to write just a few lines in a small notebook each evening - it makes the final write-up much easier and helpful to add to pictures with comments. With the miles you have planned it might be challenging to take many pictures, but do your best on that and you will not regret it. Have a great trip!
    Ken Dittrick
    2008 R1200RT (Biarritz Blau)

    Excuses are the rocks upon which our dreams are crushed - Tim Fargo

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    I just did coast to coast and back, all in Canada. I couldnít manage more than 800 Kim in a day, so I take my hat off to you if youíre doing over 1,000!
    I wasnít that impressed with north of Superior: most of the way youíre a long way from the Lake, there was a LOT of roadworks, the roads are curvy but not challenging, and thereís the OPP to watch out for all the way. If you donít have to go via Toronto going north via Timmins, Kirkland Lake and Val díOr then through the Laurentians is an interesting trip.
    I did enjoy Hwy 2 (Manitoba) and 13 (Saskatchewan) across the Prairies: much more enjoyable than the TCH.
    Have fun in my home province of PEI when you get here!

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