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Thread: Best year for r1200C?

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    To the original question ...

    ... the “best year” for any model or generation BMW is the last year. Continuously improved.
    Kent Christensen
    '12 R1200RT, '02 R1100S

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    To the OP - do your research and make up your mind for yourself. The people who ride these bikes regularly are the ones to turn to with your questions. They'll be honest with you about what they like and what they don't. If it turns out it isn't for you, fair enough. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 98lee View Post

    Actually, I only intended the first paragraph for you. I should have specified that the second paragraph was for the OP. Oops.

    I think that the HP mods WOULD be difficult and expensive. WAY more that the cost of a better bike.

    LOL .. but what the hey, we [motorcyclist] tend to have limited restraint when it comes to our mounts
    Ron Prior {AMA member ,MOA member}
    2002 KLT
    2004 Roadster

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    I ride an r1200c around the city and keep a k1200rs for the long haul. Love the r1200c for around town and shorter trips.

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    After 139K miles, many long trips and 17 years owning mine, I have to admit that I love this bike.
    So much so, that I bought a second one last year.
    Bob Smith
    1998 R1200C
    2000 R1200C

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