I have read several of the forum posts and have tried the suggestions for pairing bike, GPS, Phone and second rider helmet. Here is the issue: We have SENA 10S Bluetooth headsets for our helmets. If I am riding 1 up there is no issue. Music plays into my headset from phone or bike radio and GPS commands interrupts the music. No Issue. Add in the second rider and the problem starts. Our want is to have open intercom conversation, music playing off our phones or MP3 in back ground and it would be nice for the GPS prompts to play in my helmet. We end up either just getting the intercom, or individual music from each of our phones. Cannot have music and intercom. Called SENA tech support, went through all the steps and had it for a short time but not reliable. So here is my question: The bike will allow the pairing of 2 helmets only if they are BMW headsets. Is it worth the investment to get the BMW headsets(Have heard they are just SENA 20S with BMW Stamp) and if I do, will we be able to listen to music in the background and have the open intercom like we want? Here is the pairing because I know someone will ask:

10S to Phone; 10S to GPS; 10S to bike Helmet 1
SENA Audio Multitasking on on both headsets.
Group Intercom between headsets.
My phone is paired to my headset for music, her headset is paired to her phone for her music.