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Thread: head light

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    head light

    any one know a easy way to replace bulb inside of housing seem like you have to have the hands of a child

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    Guessing an RT? Year model?

    Yes, it helps to have small hands, however us hamfisted folks can manage it with minor fussing.
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    Fiddling around with various LED installations I've become intimately familiar with the innards of my headlight housings. I cannot replace the bulbs without tearing my hands to shreds. The left one I can do in place but it's a PITA. The high beam and right side? Impossible.

    With experience now, I can actually remove the entire front fairing, change the bulbs, and reinstall all the bits and ride away in less time than I spent trying to replace the just the right bulb in situ.

    Seriously, it's not that hard to tear it all down: T25 and T30 (or is it a 27?) torx drivers, a knife, and one small zip tie. 15 minutes apart and 15 minutes to get it back together. First time took an hour down and 30 up but it gets easier and easier...
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    head light

    found a way to change the low beam took off upper body panel five bolt and it come off you can get your hand in their a lot better.thanks for the answers

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