Hello. Just brought home yesterday my first BMW motorcycle - 2019 R125GS HP. The owner's manual is, well, not the simplest one I have ever read - using "coupling" instead of "clutch engaged", etc. I will ask about the different confusing parts here one at a time. First up - the plastic "emergency key."

I read some suggestions here, before my decision to buy, and asked the dealer to order me a metal emergency key. Some say there is no chip in the key, while others say there is. It looks to me like it does have a RFID-type chip and the manual text seems to confirm this. Then, will the metal version have the same coded RFID chip in it?

So, I am reading the manual about the "EWS Electronic Immobilizer" on page 62. Under the section "Battery of the key fob is empty...lost", it states that the motorcycle can be started by using the emergency key. And later states, "Hold the emergency key or empty key fob transmitter against the rear wheel cover at the height of the antenna." What does this mean? The picture in the manual gives no real clue as to what or where the "contact" is supposed to happen. The rear wheel? The rear wheel cover? Where is there an antenna in the rear wheel? What does this have to do with On/Off button up by the handlebars? I am totally confused by this and tried taking the fob far away from the bike and touching the emergency key all around the rear wheel and pushing the On/Off button, only to have the red light on the display panel just blink at me.

Does anyone have a better explanation of how this is supposed to work, and a real picture of where this contact is supposed to happen, and then what to do next to get the bike started?