Hi Guys,
Well, I pulled off my throttle bodies and cleaned them off, replacing the 3 rubber boots and the 3 manifolds. I also changed the clamps. My problem is when I synched the fuel injectors, the #3 brass screw must be bottomed out in order for the hot idle to be around 1000. The screws for intake 1 and 2 are not all the way in when all intakes are synchronized.

My bike idles at 1025, but if #3 would have more room to screw in I could get them all synched at a slightly lower idle.

What could be causing #3 to require more screwing in than 1 and 2?

The rubber caps are new, O-rings have been replaced on the needle screws. I haven't touched the TPS, but am thinking of rotating it slightly to see if that might not help. I'm also thinking about looking at the hose going to #3 an the fuel pressure regulator.