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Thread: New R nineT /5

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    New R nineT /5

    Anyone heard anything about this new build? Uses a 1200 not the 1250 is what I'm hearing.
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    I believe the entire RnineT line uses the camhead engine. Seems logical that would continue with the /5 version. On the BMW website the RnineT models are part of the "Heritage" category.
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    If you want to know the details just look at the R9T "Pure"

    Same bike, with spoke wheels and different paint. Same wheels as on the racer, but polished. Yes, they have tubes and are heavier than the mags that come on the "Pure" model.

    Regular mount Brembos, conventional fork, speedo only (no tach) standard ABS, optional stability/traction control...……………….just like the R 9T Pure.

    Hopefully the price will be close to the same.....$10Kish

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