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Thread: 2016 GSA Value to shoot for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by crucian View Post
    I can't say I ever met a manual transmission that I didn't like. Driven heavy old hulking trucks where double clutching was de rigueur, three on the column and four on the floor, older Honda motorcycles, loaner motorcycles and now a 2017 GSA. The engines all just respond to throttle requests but the transmissions are the soul of the machines. Damnit rpm's get in line and you, you clutch, honor your gears.

    Pro-shift on the GSA is something and removes none of my transmission fascination. When I get it right from second up and all the way back down, it is pure symphony and having the CPU whip the rpms into compliance suites me just fine. I see those precisely hobbed gears, bathed in golden oil, syncing their teeth into forward motion. Do I miss a gear whether fully manual or on Pro-shift? Yes but that's my fault being out of sync with the gearbox. Any clunk shifting into first to me is the transmission talking to the clutch, "I boss".
    Very well said! I think you nailed it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbinaz View Post
    To make it more complicated, with the GS there is an early and a late 2017, early looks more like 2016 and doesn't have all the changes and upgrades. Need to do some research, but personally on my RT I wanted the newer tranny, it was worth the $1000 premium over a 2016..
    I think you're correct, my bike has "Abs Pro" I later added Hill start Control. There was confusion if this bike supported it for that year.. For some reason it came without it. I added it later. (I would say I rarely use it. Clutch and throttle control is preferred.)

    Here's my 2017:

    'Type 0A11
    Model R1200gs Us - USA
    Development Code K50
    Engine A74
    Displacement 1.20
    Power 92
    Drivetrain KAR
    Transmission MECH
    Color Racingred Uni - NA5
    Upholstery Nicht Gemeldet - 0000
    Production Plant BERLIN
    Production Date 2016-09-08

    191 Dynamic Esa Dynamic Esa
    192 Led-headlamp Led-scheinwerfer
    193 Keyless Ride Keyless Ride
    221 On-board Computer Pro Bordcomputer Pro
    222 Shift Assistant Pro Sa Schaltassistent Pro
    224 Driving Mode Pro Fahrmodi Pro
    233 Touring-paket Touring-paket
    272 Prep Navigation System Vorbereitung Navigationsgeraet
    499 Sa Lwr Placement Tieferlegung.
    5AC Abs Pro Abs Pro
    519 Sa Htd Handles Sa Heizgriffe
    530 Sa Rdc Sa Rdc
    538 Cruise Control Temporegelung
    589 Sa Handguard Sa Handschutz
    650 Sa Asc Sa Asc
    681 Sa Suitcase Holder Lh Rh Sa Kofferhalter Li/re
    771 Sa Cross-spoke Wheels Sa Kreuzspeichenraeder

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    Used 2016 1200 gs

    Not sure if it applies to you. Sorry if it doesn't. I purchased a 2016 1200 GS, with touratech panniers, Denali fog lights, SW-MOTECH adjustable clutch...mileage was 10,500.

    Purchase price: $13,500. I believe if you are patient, you will be able to find a decent price. I was going to do a "fly and ride"... but I opted for shipping door to door. This was around $600.

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    As a point of reference, my 2016 GSA with all 3 panniers, GPS, and a couple farkles was 15.5k with 7,200 miles. Still had a couple months of factory warranty left. It's now got 12k on it (after less than 3 months ownership). Solid bike.

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