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Thread: R 75/5 ignition switch replacement

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    R 75/5 ignition switch replacement

    Back again! Thanks for the help so far....I have the new switch in and the new connection plate terminal attached to the tabs. I'm starting the rewiring process, problem now being that I have only a rough sketch (my own; shoulda used my iphone) from the original terminal showing which wire goes where. The schematic in my manual is of only marginal help. Does anyone have a resource that shows literally, not schematically, where each wire goes, onto the terminal correctly? Many thanks again. You're keeping the project alive so far!

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    You could try googling "bmw motorcycle headlight wiring" and clicking on images...I can see a number of photos in various stages for the /5 headlight shell.
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    Two things....

    1 - Please state your location in your signature line. You never know when help it right around the corner.

    2 - It's really helpful in project discussion to add new questions to an existing thread... easier to follow, and easier to relocate the discussion.

    Google, and Bing, are great resources for locating photographs, and there are a lot of them available for the /5.

    Note the terminal identification numbers; they're usually shown on wiring diagrams.

    I'm unclear on what you're asking for photos of, but this is about all there is inside the nacelle.

    As far as the "order" of the wires in the terminal block is concerned, what is important, obviously, is that each wire connects with it's correct mate.

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