Hi folks, Iím new to BMW and an Ď18 R1200RT. Iíve got around 500 miles on the clock now and last Friday took a ride up the Maine coast, hotter than blazes (106 degrees on the pike) but everything seemed fine until I got on the Maine Turnpike to head south. At speeds a bit north of 65-70 the bike seems to lighten up and feels a bit ďsquirrelyĒ. I canít say it moves around but it just feels odd and does not inspire confidence. My 09 Ducati 1100S Mulitstrada started to hunker down at these speeds and felt like it would hold the road no matter what I did. It was absolutely on rails.
Tire pressures are good, Iím riding one up, with side cases and the ESA is set to Normal and Ride Mode to Road. Moving the windscreen up or down has no apparent effect.
Has anyone encountered this before? Is it something that is a characteristic of the bike that I have to get used to? The bike will be in of service soon and Iíll speak to the dealer then and have them test ride it, but Iím wondering if this is a one off or me.