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Thread: Cruise control retrofit

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    Cruise control retrofit

    Hello there. Looking for some insight. I own a 2013 r1200rt without a cruise control. Is there a reasonable process to add one to the bike at this point in time? Have seen pieces for sale on vendor sites, but no instructions as to process. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to the forum! Check some of the threads in the Similar Threads pane below the messages. There's at least one that discusses options for the Hex/Camhead...possibly some of the other model threads might provide some ideas.
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    While technically not "cruise control", a simple throttle lock might fill your need at a lower cost & easier installation. For example, the Altlas model below. Of course there are other choices. YMMV, - 56667


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    I installed an Audiovox vacuum cruise control to my FJR1300 years ago. They are sold under a different brand now but I can say the Audiovox unit I installed worked amazingly well. The new one externally appears to be identical. It can be a bear to find a place for the actuator but if you can shoehorn it in there it works very nicely.
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