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I hate to agree here but ..... I must, because I believe it is inevitable . The green people are amassing numbers, and out numbering us. That gives them clout. And that moves the green vehicles into mainstream ....... jmo
I'm not even sure being green has anything to do with it.

A while back I watched a video and the guy on the vid was claiming that electric cars will become so inexpensive to buy and to operate that economically buyers will move away from gas. He stated that cost of electric to buy and operate will be 1/2 of gas in the early 2020's. Battery tech is getting cheaper as more companies move into the market. Electronic devices controls are getting more sophisticated and cheaper to produce. He claimed Tesla was trying to build cars that will run for 500,000 miles with no maintenance and aiming for 1,000,000 miles and no maintenance.

He also said that companies like Uber and Lyft will own fleets of autonomous vehicles and private ownership of cars will drop, at least in the bigger cities. If you need a ride to work just contact Uber or Lyft on their app.

I can see it coming. My wife drives maybe 5,000 miles a year. An electric car would make sense for her, but I would need a gas model for the longer trips.

Us older guys probably just shake our heads and go, "no way!" But you have to wonder! Times are changing. Remember the song from Rush, Red Barchetta? It might be here in ten years, or less!