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Thread: Aftermarket Cylinder head cover

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    Aftermarket Cylinder head cover

    Anyone try one of the aftermarket cylinder covers? Need to replace a scratched cover on a 2012 RT. Want to save some cash but wondering about looks and oil leaks?

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    Mchine Art X Head Covers

    I use X-Head covers on my R9T Urban GS. Excellent design & fit. Great protection. I like them instead of heavy crash bars. YMMV - 56667


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    I have the MachineArtMoto covers on my 2015 R1200RT. The look pretty spiffy (I think) and I have no experience with any damage issues. I think it's possible that they might keep some extra heat in the valve cover, but in 35000 miles of riding with them, I've never noticed a heating issue.

    On my Hexhead RT I had Wunderlich metal covers and they prevent head damage in a training drop.
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