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Thread: Gen 2 EZCan plus Skene P3

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    Gen 2 EZCan plus Skene P3

    I added Skene P3 brake lights to my 2017 RT using the new Gen 2 Hex EzCan. Using the instructions on the Skene site, the installation does not require tapping into any wires on the bike. The new Gen 2 EzCan allows you to choose any of the 4 circuits for any purpose. And you can set the fuse limit for each of the 4 circuits independently to any value from 1 to 25 amps. Each circuit can manage 10 amps continuously, or peak values to 25 amps for brief periods. The total amperage for all connected devices cannot exceed 25 amps.

    Depending on the purpose you select for each circuit, you get a menu of context-relevant choices for that circuit. For example, if you configure a circuit as "accessory" then you can select an adjustable time delay for that circuit to operate after you turn off the power to the bike. Similarly, if you select a circuit to be for "brakes" then you are presented with a variety of brake flashing options.

    I used the accessory circuit to power the Skene controller, and I used a single wire from another circuit to trigger the brake light. So, I have used 2 of the 4 available circuits just for the brake lights. But, I have not interfered with any of the OEM wiring. The EzCan has a diagnostic mode, from which I was able to learn that the brake circuit uses a peak of .33 amps.

    My plan is to use another circuit for some conspicuity lights mounted on my engine guard-bars.

    I was thinking about using one circuit to power the rear auxiliary power socket for my heated clothing. One of the EzCan circuits can be set up to operate with the BMW Multi-Controller wheel. I thought it would be convenient to be able to adjust the heat using the controller wheel. It would be easy to pull off the connector on the power socket, and replace it with one fabricated using the EzCan. But you only get one circuit that will interact with the Multi-Controller, and I decided to use that for dimmable lights.

    Other circuits can interact with the BMW controls. The accessory circuit can be toggled on and off using the turn-signal cancel switch -- holding it in for a few seconds. I think the horn button can be configured to flash lights while sounding the horn. I haven't figured out all the options yet.

    As an aside, when I looked at the rear power socket, I discovered that the wire gauge is really small -- suggesting that BMW did not intend you to run heated clothing off that outlet. I ended up adding a direct-to-battery connection for my heated clothing.


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    I just bought a GenII for my Camhead and I absolutely love how you can assign any channel to any function and limit current as needed. Also, they changed the connectors to match those used by Denali.

    I have one circuit for my soundbomb, one for my Denali S4 (the new mini quad-LED light), and one to provide switched power for my Admore. Now there's simply no good reason to buy the Denali Cansmart (which is made by Hex anyway).
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    So if I buy this, and end up wanting to use Clearwater lights, will I also need the Clearwater Canopener item? Will it replace it?

    As for heated gear, You could always use this to trigger a relay for the heated gear...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jstrube View Post
    So if I buy this, and end up wanting to use Clearwater lights, will I also need the Clearwater Canopener item? Will it replace it?

    As for heated gear, You could always use this to trigger a relay for the heated gear...
    Yes, it should replace the Canopener. But you will need to construct a wiring harness with the correct connections for the Clearwater lights. The EzCan comes with stubbed connectors for their device, and they also sell a wiring harness kit with everything you need to construct a custom-length harness for your lights.

    Having said that, Clearwater has claimed that the pulse modulation technique used by HEX will reduce the service life of their lights. Others have disputed this claim. You should do some research before making a purchase.

    RE: using a relay for heated gear... that would be fine if I wanted to toggle between some fixed power setting, and off. But I have a portable "heat-troller" that I was hoping to replace with the BMW Multi-Controller. I believe that the EzCan works the same way as a "heat-troller" which is to vary the duty cycle of the 12v power: aka pulse-width modulation. Maybe someone can chime in with what they know about the pulse modulation frequency.

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