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Thread: F650 cs muffler

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    F650 cs muffler

    Has anyone replaced the muffler or their exhaust system on a F650 cs? If so, what has been your experience with it?

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    Are you thinking a stock or after market muffler?

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    F650cs muffler

    There are several replacement mufflers on eBay. I am really interested in an aftermarket muffler.

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    Not to deter you from making the bike yours, but it seems that other than sound and maybe weight, according to Adventure Rider Radio, you won't get a big improvement in power (and some bikes are worse with an aftermarket exhaust). The single-cylinder GS bikes benefited from an aftermarket exhaust because you dropped half the weight of the system.

    Again, not to deter you, because some aftermarket mufflers do make the bike sound even sweeter!!
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    Replace or not?

    Thanks for the advice. I agree that muffler replacements don't necessarily improve performance or even make it sound better. Many customized Harleys are prime examples. The muffler on my 650 is discolored, not just from oil and road grime. I was curious whether a non-stock, like an Arrow muffler would work and not harm performance. Not a priority to improve performance, though. Just not make it worse.

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    You’ll likely find the oe muffler really expensive. Aftermarket mufflers hyped as performance items often even moreso. There’s little in between ... BMW are small sales volume bikes.
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