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Thread: Post MP4 video

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    Post MP4 video

    Can I post a short MP4 video from my computer? I've tried using the Insert Video icon but it askes for a URL rather that asking you to browse your computer to select a file, like when I add a picture jpeg. Thanks oldcarman jim

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    Jim -

    Never tried to do that, but I see what you're saying. Don't know if that's changeable behind the scenes...I can check. But to get around it, find a place to put it online - youtube, smugmug, etc. - then post a link to the video.

    -- update -- I don't seem to see any option for adding the feature to upload videos, mp3, mp4, etc. I can imagine that video size would be a substantial jump over just the usual jpgs.
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    Post MP4 video

    For now I clipped a jpeg picture from my MP4 video and posted the jpeg. I was trying to show the spray pattern of the fuel injector I was cleaning. I can do as you suggested in the future. Thanks
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