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Thread: Short or stub windshield for 2012 RT

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    Short or stub windshield for 2012 RT

    I've done a couple of day rides without a windshield on my RT. I just screwed down the black plastic subpanel to the windshield brackets. I was experimenting with air flow, wind noise and buffeting. To my surprise, it was really very comfortable especially considering the amount of airflow I was getting. I was actually comfortable in the 90 degree temps we are experiencing. The only negative I encountered was from others who thought I crashed my bike. It does look kind of odd. So my question for everyone able to stay with this.... has anyone chopped down a stock shield to a height just over the brackets? I know that Cee Bailey used to sell a short version, but they are no longer in the motorcycle business. California Scientific offers a short version but even that is only a few inches shorter than the stock shield. Does anyone have a line on used shields from a vendor I have not found yet. Both E-Bay and Craig's list have come up empty. Any input is greatly appreciated.

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    See They have a tinted shorty that looks like a sport bike windscreen.

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    I bought a used OEM shield online and cut it down with a band saw.

    Once I got the size right (almost 6" shorter), I polished the edges and it works great! I get better, less turbulent airflow when fully retracted yet get an even quieter still air bubble when extended (starting at only about 50% up). BMW claimed the shield was wind tunnel tested but I don't know. I just eyeballed a height and hacked it off with nary a thought about turbulence and it turned out great.

    The first picture was the initial cut. The other is the final and is about 2" shorter than the first. Not bad for $35 shipped!

    '13 R1200RT 90th Anniversary Edition

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