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    Go West

    So, in an effort to tap into the worlds largest brain trust, I am looking for your ideas - My bike is currently parked in Indy with the end goal of getting it to my place in the Columbia river gorge. To that end, I am looking for your thoughts on great roads/places to see - non slab riding in the area of the I-90 ( or north of that) corridor of the country.

    That said, I have already spent a lot of time going east and west all over the states south of I -80 so this is my chance to check out what the northern tier has to offer.

    Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.
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    Except for the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota, US 2 is a delightful ride through small towns. 200 is a nice alternative in several places.
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    Which bike are you riding?

    Theodore Roosevelt National Park is on my list. I've ridden and driven through on my way to somewhere else, I'd like to actually stop and visit for a while one of these days.

    Also out there are a good number of Indian Reservations that I'd like to see (if that is still a Politically Correct term)...

    A little further south of all that are great places around Rapid City, SD, from Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse monuments, to Wind Cave NP, Custer State Park, Thunder Basin National Grasslands, Devil's Tower, Little Bighorn, Bighorn National Forest, Bozeman, MT is a very nice town, Hwy 2 from Kalispell through Libby, MT, Hwy 200 east of Sandpoint, ID... US12 west of Lolo, MT... the Blue Mountain Scenic Byway in northeast Oregon is awesome... US26 through eastern Oregon...and my favorite place... Hells Canyon National Recreation Area. There are many more.

    Be sure to bring your Anonymous Book... have a good roadside assistance program, be sure your bike is right, BMW dealers are extremely rare out that way.

    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
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    The Cincinnati Ohio riverfront (Ky side) & the Cape/Space Coast of Flordia.... when not out -- "travel'n"
    Simply join the Lewis and Clark Trail along the Missouri River... from their encampment just west of St Louis all the way back.

    Not a 4 lane to be had until reaching Portland, OR.

    "travel'n" John

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    Minnesota East to West you could pick up MN 16 at La Crescent, MN, just over the Mississippi from La Crosse, WI. Travel through bluff country until you hit the prairie at Dexter, MN. Then you could work your way to MN 30 traveling through farm country towards South Dakota. US 14 also cuts through the prairie, Little House on the Prairie even, don't blink or you'll miss the Ingalls home town of Walnut Grove.
    Traveling North through Wisconsin's driftless area is just amazing. Twisties, sweepers, some great landscapes and cheese, lots of cheese. Head toward Lake Superior and cross into Minnesota at Duluth then West through the North woods toward Fargo, North Dakota.
    Enjoy the trip!

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    You should try to weave these into your tapestry of roads......
    Chief Joseph Highway
    Beartooth pass
    Lolo pass

    Highway 2 across northern Montana is a very pleasant pastoral ride.

    As beautiful and tempting as they are, I would avoid Yellowstone and Glacier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rguy View Post
    You should try to weave these into your tapestry of roads......
    Chief Joseph Highway
    Beartooth pass
    Lolo pass

    Highway 2 across northern Montana is a very pleasant pastoral ride.

    As beautiful and tempting as they are, I would avoid Yellowstone and Glacier.
    Yellowstone is a must visit NP but not in mid-summer. We rode through there in late September with decent weather, not too crowded and even reasonable lodging in Jackson.
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    One of my/our favorite highways is "Needles Highway," actually a toll-road, but worth every cent!

    Don't miss it, but preferably not on a weekend!
    Ciao, HSV-Phil

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