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Thread: Tire sealants?

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    Tire sealants?

    Anyone have any insight on using them? Specifically "Ride-on" brand? I have heard that Slime is terribly gooey stuff, but Ride-On is fine. Also use with TPS? Riding a 2018 R1200RT.
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    I wouldn't hesitate to use them.

    My experience with Slime started years ago with a Suzuki Burgman 400 scooter. The rear tire picked up a screw. On the BurgmanUSA forum, some of the "know it all" members said they wouldn't trust Slime or a patch to even get them to the dealership to get a new tire. I was a newbee at the time and believed them. I tried to use a gummy worm, but that didn't seem too successful. I put some Slime in and that actually was working...but I'd already ordered a tire by then and it was due to arrive in a couple days.

    Fast forward about 2 months and I picked up a tiny cotter pin. I was hoping it had not gone through, but it had. I did not want to face my wife who was totally against motorcycling, and money did not grow on trees back then. So I saw that unused portion of Slime on the shelf in the garage and decided to try it again. It worked.

    Over the life of that tire (around 14,000 miles), I probably picked up 4 or 5 pieces of metal debris. The Slime fixed all of them. One was a fairly large nail. The hole was at the 3 o'clock position on the tire and leaking badly when I pulled the nail out. I rotated the tire to put the hole at the 6 o'clock position. A couple tablespoons of Slime came out...and the hole sealed.

    When the tire wore out, I asked to be there when the mechanic took the tire off the wheel. I'd heard all kinds of horror stories of corrosion and goo all over the place, so I wanted to see for myself. The mechanic made a loud exclamation as the tire came off, like "What a mess!"...except there wasn't. I think he had primed himself to say that. The Slime had become tacky over that period of time and was in the tread area of the tire. There was some that had dropped onto the hub and dried. But Slime and Ride-On are water soluble and biodegradable. It wasn't an issue.

    I did have one "bad" experience with Slime. I'd put it in a tire before getting a puncture. I wouldn't advise doing that. I ran over a roofing nail, and it went in and out at 60 mph. With the centrifugal force of the tire spinning that fast and the size of the opening, the Slime never had a chance. If it had been like the situation where I pulled the nail out in the garage and rotated the tire to put the hole at the bottom, I'm positive it would've fixed it.

    Slime makes a "SPAIR" kit that is handy. It has a bottle of Slime in it and a quite good air compressor. I carry one of those when I'm going on a trip. When I was commuting, I had one stored at work too, just in case I came out to the bike at the end of the day and found I had a flat.

    Slime has several different products. Make sure you get the one that says it is safe for TPMS.

    I've bought a bottle of Ride-On, but never used it. It also is safe for TPMS. I don't know exactly how Ride-On works, but it might be similar to how Slime works. In the Slime solution, you'll see fibers floating. In my mind, when the Slime goes out the puncture site, those fibers are like logs on a river and get stuck. Eventually, they block the hole, like a log-jam. Slime and Ride-On won't work on a sidewall puncture and won't fix a sliced tire...but nothing else will either.

    My wife has a Toyota Prius. It didn't come with a spare tire. It comes with something that is very similar to Slime or Ride-On. If it didn't work, would Toyota risk its reputation by using it?

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    After watching a friend successfully repair a flat tire with Porsche's sealant-and-pump repair kit I've now outfitted my cars with Slime and pump. The Porsche made it to a tire repair shop, 50 miles away, where the tire was dismounted and properly patched. What surprised me is that the sealant was easily washed out of the tire - no mess. The TPMS system was unaffected and no rebalancing was needed. The Porsche sealant was not Slime but I'm assuming it has the same properties. So I'm now a believer in sealant (in addition to the gummy strings).
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    Quote Originally Posted by daboo View Post
    Make sure you get the one that says it is safe for TPMS. Chris
    That seems counterintuitive. As has happened to several others I've had my sensors go bonkers after R&Ring tires. What happened during R&R to cause this? There is a new post about this and this person said once they deflated and reinflated the tires all was instantly well, so that's great to learn. Having some kind of viscous foreign substance potentially coating the sensors just doesn't sound good but I guess you and others have no issues w/ TPMS w/ goop in the tire.

    I've had a few flats now, 3 in 60K miles, and plugged them all w/ Dynaplug gummy worms, but I never felt confident in not replacing the tires. Next time I will take the wheel off and have the flat repaired if there is a lot of tread left.

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