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Thread: Should the MOA forum introduce a new "Politics and Motorcycling" sub-forum?

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    Should the MOA forum introduce a new "Politics and Motorcycling" sub-forum?

    NOTE: This is not a BMW MOA sanctioned poll!!

    Personally, I don't want to see ANY politics on this forum. But, trying to be open-minded, I wonder how people feel about this limited introduction of politics.

    Let's see if this poll can be taken without any childish arguments, for if we enter into that sort of behavior just discussing the possibility of a political sub-forum, I fear that the old-timers who witnessed its introduction (and failure) in past years are correct -- it should not be part of the MOA forum.

    BTW, for us newbies, could some of the old-timers chime in with more info about past attempts. The only explanations I've seen are simple "It didn't work" reasons.

    (This topic was brought up in this thread:

    NOTE: This sub-forum "Politics & Motorcycling" would be for the discussion of politics, but only in a narrow focus of how it affects motorcycling, e.g. riders, rider clubs, dealers, vendors, manufacturers, etc.. It would not be a forum to discuss any other type of politics.
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