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Thread: 2012 R1200GSA search for a good seat - Sargent owners?

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    2012 R1200GSA search for a good seat - Sargent owners?

    The stock seat on my 2012 GSA is too soft and pitches me toward the gas tank which is probably the most aggravating thing about it. I think this may be due to the softness of the seat as much as the seat angle and shape.

    I have tried a Corbin, which is pretty good while riding but is horrible when I stop and put my feet down. The shape of the seat is so wide near the tank it spreads my legs when I drop my feet and I am on my toes at stops - which I do not like. I like to have a little more foot on the ground at stops. With the stock GSA seat I can flat foot in the high position no problem.

    I am wondering about the Sargent seats - does it interfere with putting your feet down? Does it get rid of the dreaded sliding toward the gas tank?


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    There is no universal butt. Similar to helmets, where some have a Schuberth head and others a Nolan, saddle comfort is a subjective thing. I have a Bill Mayer Saddle on my 2010 GSA and since it was a custom job it was made just the way I wanted it with a wide rear and narrow front. On my 2012 GSA I have a Touratech Kahedo which I've personally found the most comfortable off the shelf saddle. My 2018 GSA has a Sargent, also narrow in the front but more support under the pelvis and less of a bowl shape than the other two. YMMV

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    I have a Sargent and a Russell DayLong for my '07 GSA. I run the Sargent on the high setting in front and the low in back and it works ok and sits about an inch lower than the Russell. I would hesitate to call the Sargent a 500 mile a day saddle but it is definitely much more comfortable than the stock for me.

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    I just bought a new Sargent seat. Different ride so I won't comment on fitment but I can tell you that they have great customer service and will take the seat back if you don't like it. You'd have to pay what the return shipping costs but I've done this and they gave me a 100% refund. They told met they'd only charge a restocking fee if the return was worn in any way but, if you just want to order one for a fit check, I wouldn't hesitate for one minute. Added plus, they keep a LOT of seats in stock and I got my first one 3 days after I ordered it and my second one 6 days after I ordered it.

    I do think the Russell's, Terry's Custom, Lamm, and Mayer seat would no doubt be more luxurious but you are going to have to pick one and wait for months to find out. Speculatively ordering from Sargent would at least answer your question almost immediately (they use their own seat pans so you're not going to risk anything there either).
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