Maybe I should have made the subject "Passenger Comfort Problem"

I'm 5' 5" tall, and presently a 32" waist (i.e. small body). My wife is even smaller than me (5' 1"). She has a terrible time riding as a passenger on my present bike, or any other bike with the super sport seat and wee pinion pedestal pad behind the crescent shaped rider seat. I believe the problem is the huge gap between my back/backside and where my petite wife ends up perched up on the passenger spot. Has anyone actually tried to solve this problem with the S1KRR? My old Honda VFR had a sloped transition from the rider position up to a slightly less sloped passenger position. I was wondering if I could commission someone (or fabricate myself) to build a custom seat that with an extended, sloping, padded tail that reached up/back to the passenger pad, ala the S1KXR. Has anyone tried anything like that? Is the cost in the thousands?

Besides the user-custom seat mod here are my other options:

1. Trade in the RR for the XR. BUT I am too much in love with the RR. To paraphrase another motorcycle review, "This is your brain, this is your brain riding a S1000RR. Wahhhh!!!"

2. Give in to multi-bike disorder. I once had a Honda VFR, great straight up touring bike. But this would cost me thousands. But my wife and I could go on trips on it, especially if I get it with/add some hard case luggage.

3. Continue to be evasive with my wife about solving the passenger seating problem. *wink wink*

4. Some other solution I haven't thought of. I thought about creating a semi-rigid covered cushion, held down by velcro or some other means, that my wife could sit on that would resemble the padded tail seat described previously. But could be semi-safe, and last thing I want to do is endanger "The Wind Beneath My Wings."

Thanks in advance.